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Cause and Treatment for Skin Itch (Pruritus) During Dialysis

Many patients complain skin itch during or after the dialysis treatment. Knowing the cause and treatment for skin itch during dialysis helps manage a better skin for patients.

You may feel the skin itch during or just after Hemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis. Or you may feel the itch all the time or the pruritus comes and goes. In some cases, the patients just feel the itching skin in a single area while others may feel it spreading throughout the body. And the following passages will guid you to find why Dialysis patients feel pruritus and how to alleviate it.

Excessive Phosphorus Deposition

High phosphorus deposition in the blood or we called high serum phosphorus level is a common trigger for skin itch. Dialysis helps remove some excessive waste products and fluids from the blood, but it fails to filter out the phosphorus and other toxins.

To reduce the blood phosphorus levels, you are suggested to take other Blood Purifications. Actually, dialysis is is only a small part of blood purification. There are still many other blood purification treatments that are specific to phosphorus removal. And also, you are suggested to take a low-phosphorus diet.

Allergic to Dialyzer

Allergic reactions to the dialyzer, blood tubing or medications may occur during the hemodialysis treatment. If you notice itching occurs at the beginning of dialysis treatments, you could have an allergy to the blood tubing, dialyzer (artificial kidney), the type of heparin being used or other elements associated with the treatment.

As for the alleviation, you are suggested to discuss your feeling with your doctor or nurse. They may prescript some medicines that may alleviate your skin itch.

High PTH Levels

Increased PTH levels usually occur during dialysis, because of a decrease calcium level and and increased phosphorus level. This also can trigger skin itch. It usually happens along with bone disease and joint discomforts.

In this condition, you are suggested to use some medicines or supplements, such as Vitamin D and phosphate binders to alleviate your skin problem.

Besides, your Diet may be another possible cause. Actually, the skin itch is caused by the underlying kidney damages. In other words, if your kidney functions can be improved and dialysis will be not necessary any longer and the skin itch will be prevented. Thereby, seeking a treatment that can improve your kidney functions should be a basic treatment as always.

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