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Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy for Decreased Urine Output in Stage 4 CKD

Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy for Decreased Urine Output in Stage 4 CKDKidney disease experts always say urine is hope. Thus it can be seen, urine is how important! For people with stage 4 CKD, they usually have decreased urine output. Here, you can learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy for this condition.

As a matter of fact, kidneys play significant roles in our health. And one of their main responsibilities is to produce urine. However, in those with stage 4 CKD, their “blood-cleaners” have been seriously damaged, as a result, decreased urine output will come into being. In addition to this, high creatinine level, elevated BUN, anemia, etc can also be seen.

When this abnormal phenomenon occurs, doctor may suggest sufferers to take diuretics. Under certain circumstances, they may not respond to these drugs well. Besides, some adverse effects may appear.

Will Chinese medicine be helpful? The answer is yes. And we will introduce three types of TCM therapy in detail:

☆ Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay It is a new form of TCM, but applied externally. It aims at improving blood circulation, repairing the injured kidney structures, improving glomerular filtration rate and restoring kidney function. And clinical practices have proven its efficacy in increasing urine output.

Medicated Bath It belongs to external applications, which is easy to operate, cheap and painless. It can help remove toxins in the body through sweats, improve systematic circulation and sleep quality as well as strengthen immune system. Besides, it is also beneficial to increase urine volume.

☆ Oral Chinese medicine In clinic, some Chinese medicine can be taken orally to help stage 4 CKD patients to urinate better. If you have interest in this, please email us to get the herbal lists.

Under the action of Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy, we believe decreased urine output in stage 4 CKD can be greatly improved. Wish you a good day!

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