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How to Fix Kidney Damage in Stage 4 CKD

How to Fix Kidney Damage in Stage 4 CKDHow to fix kidney damage in stage 4 CKD? Stage 4 CKD refers to an abnormal condition in which kidneys fail to work adequately, and GFR level is 15-29ml/min. If you are interested in this, please keep reading to find the answer.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs of our body, and they are responsible for the removal of wastes, preservation of useful substances, production of EPO, adjustment of blood pressure and so on. In this advanced stage, as kidneys are severely damaged, symptoms like itchy skin, blood in urine, throw up, high blood pressure are more likely to appear.

Actually speaking, kidney damage is linked with many factors, such as, diet, lifestyle, primary disorders, usage of drugs and so on.

In clinical, there is no such a Western medicine that can be used to fix kidney damage, as the drugs just focus on alleviating the discomforts. Due to this, more and more people have turn their eyes on traditional Chinese medicine. Fortunately, some effective treatments can be applied to attain this treatment goal.

Firstly, blood purification technique is used to remove different sizes of toxins in the body, by doing so, a favorable internal environment can be created. Which kind of technique is suited for your illness condition? Please email us your latest test report early!

Secondly, we will introduce our characteristic treatment---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in a simple manner, it is innovated on the basis of traditional Chinese herbs, but used externally. Compared with the Western medicine, the therapeutic effect usually takes a longer time. However, it can help fix kidney damage and improve kidney function by dilating blood vessels, blocking inflammatory reaction, fighting against coagulation as well as providing nutrients for the injured kidneys.

Thirdly, other effective therapies can also be adopted to attain a better efficacy, for instance, Full Bath therapy, Enema Therapy, Circle Therapy and so on. After a period of treatment, the self-curative ability of renal intrinsic cells can be elevated and kidney damage in stage 4 CKD can be fixed eventually.

If there is still anything unclear about how to fix kidney damage in stage 4 CKD, please inform us immediately, and we will try our best to help. Have a nice day!

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