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Stage 4 Kidney Disease:What Happens If You Refuse Dialysis

Stage 4 Kidney Disease: What Happens If You Refuse DialysisStage 4 Kidney Disease, or Stage 4 CKD, is one condition where kidneys are functioning at 15%~30%. In most conditions, patients can still live without dialysis. However, if patients have some emergency issues, they may have to begin dialysis. Well then, what happens if you refuse dialysis with stage 4 kidney disease?

What can dialysis do for stage 4 kidney disease patients?

Kidney dialysis can do some of kidneys’ job when patients’ kidneys are not enough healthy to play their function. This includes filtering out extra fluid and metabolic wastes, maintain electrolyte balance and regulate blood pressure. However, dialysis isn’t an easy treatment even for fittest kidney patients. Generally speaking, after dialysis treatments, patients feel “washed out” and depressed. What’s worse, some dialysis complications are more likely to affect patients life and work or even cause death.

When should stage 4 kidney disease patients begin dialysis?

According to American Kidney Foundation guidelines, kidney patients are usually recommended to start dialysis when their GFR is less than 15 ml/min or they have some emergency issues. For example, if patients have serious acidosis, refractory hypertension, severe edema or too high creatinine level, they have to make their dialysis treatment in advance. Besides, if kidney disease accompanies with diabetes, patients have to consider dialysis when GFR is around 25.

If you have one of these symptoms, refusing dialysis may cause a series of serious problems, including:

- Too much fluid retention

- Restless leg syndrome

- Attack to visions

- Confusion, dizziness or skin color changes

- Short, irregular, too fast or slow breath

- Too high blood pressure or heart disease

Is there a chance to get rid of dialysis for stage 4 kidney disease patients?

People with stage 4 kidney disease still have more chance to avoid dialysis than patients with stage 5 kidney disease, because they still have relatively high kidney function level. As long as a part of damaged but not necrotic cells recover to work, patients can stay away from dialysis successfully.

Here, we are unable to give out individual advices, because different patients have various conditions. If you hope to avoid dialysis safely and successfully, you can send your medical test to or leave it in the below form. We are glad to help you develop such a treatment plan.

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