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What Can Patient With Stge 3 CKD Do To Prolong His Lifetime

What Can Patient With Stge 3 CKD Do To Prolong His Lifetime

Patient with stage 3 CKD has severe damage in his kidney function. The glomerular filtration rate is 30~59ml/min in this period. It means the damaged nephrons are more than half. What’s worse, many complications will appear at this time. So, what can patient do to prolong his life time at this time?

There are two aspects on which we can make changes:


Stage 3 CKD patient mainly has three kinds of syndromes in this period. One is the etiology, such as lupus, iga, hypertention, diabetes,and so on. Another is kidney diseases, and this is about the damages and inflammations in kidney. The last one is the complications like edema, anemia, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and so on.

So to treat the diseases of patient with stage 3 CKD. The first is to treat the complications, which is seriously influencing patient’s condition and life. Then we should control the kidney diseases, so to stop its progression. In the end, we should treat the etiology, so we can stop the kidney damages from the root.

Western medicines is effective in treating single disease, but they can not work systematically. Chinese medicine is good at treating diseases systematically, but its shortcoming is the time for therapy is long. There is no cure for patient with stage 3 CKD, but we may be able to prevent the progression of CKD or at least slow it down.

Changes of lifestyle

Our lifestyle influences our health condition greatly, so right lifestyle is helpful for controlling patient’s condition. There are some basic aspects that patient at this stage should pay attention to.

·In his diet, CKD patient should control the protein intake, because protein can produce lots of wastes that should be excreted by kidneys. So remember to avoid excess protein intake. Besides, remember to reduce the sodium intake, which may aggravate edema and cause hypertension. Vegetables and fruits are needed, because they contain lots of vitamins. Vitamins can promote the metabolism and improve the immunity of our body.

· Do exercise regularly, which is helpful in preserving our overall health.

· Don’t drink alcohol and stop smoke if you do.

· Have enough rest.

· Remember to keep a good emotion, and this is important to preserve overall health.

The article is about some basic points that are good for the prognosis of patient in stage 3 CKD. Besides, different conditions need different treatment. If you need any help, you can contact us. Sending a email or leaving a message is just OK.

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