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How To Increase GFR Naturally

How To Increase GFR NaturallyGFR ( glomerular filtration rate ) is a common standard to measure kidney function in medicine. It refers to the amount of filtrate that can be produced in unite time, and the GFR of healthy people is 125ml/min. About 99% of the filtrate filtered by glomeruli will be reabsorbed by kidney tubules, and then the fluid getting through kidney tubules will be urine.

Why kidney disease patients’ GFR decline?

GFR can be affected by many ingredients, so it changes in a certain range. But to patients with kidney disease, the decrease of their GFR is caused by their kidney damage, and it is irreversible in a large degree. As we know, glomeruli have the function of filtration, and kidney tubules have the function of reabsorption. If whether glomeruli or kidney tubules are damaged, there will be much substances that should be kept in blood will leak into urine, and the fluid that can pass through kidneys will be less at the same time. So the value of GFR will reduce.

How to increase GFR naturally?

To kidney disease patients, their kidney damages can be mainly divided into two patterns. One is the necrotic nephrons, and the other is the nephrons that are damaged. As we know, if any part of our tissues is damaged, it is impossible to repair it. On the other hand, the damaged cells’ condition is able to be improved, and if the damaged cells’ condition is improved, the GFR can be increased in some degree.

So it is important to know how to repair the damaged nephrons naturally. In fact, to stop the aggravation of kidney disease, medicines control is necessary. But as we know, medicines can get rid of the problem that causes kidney disease, but the recovery can only rely on body’s self-replenishing function.

As a result, patients’ diet and life habits are important in the recovery of damaged nephrons. There are some basic rules that patients should pay attention to when they want to have a relatively better condition. For example, in their diet, the protein intake should be enough but avoid being excess, and less sodium intake is better. What’s more, calory and vitamins should be guaranteed, which will be helpful to protect patient’s health. In the life, they should have enough rest, and do appropriate amount of exercise regularly. Besides, they should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

In the end, it is better for patients to ask for their doctors’ advices when they regulate their lifestyle , or you can consult our online experts, and we are willing to help you.

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