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CKD: Top 7 Adverse Side Effects of Steroids Therapy

Chronic kidney disease refers to a medical condition in which kidneys are damaged for years. Steroids are common treatment for CKD. Read on and find the top 7 side effects of steroids therapy.

Bone loss and vertebral compression fracture

Bone loss and vertebral compression fracture are the serious complications of hormone application. Rib and vertebra are usually the most serious affected parts of the body. If bone loss happens, then the steroids therapy should definitely be stopped.

Disorders of substance metabolism and water- sodium metabolism

A long-term and widely application of hormones can trigger the disorders of substance metabolism as well as water-salt metabolism, and is responsible for the adrenal cortical hyperfunction syndrome. Symptoms are swelling, hypokalemia, high blood pressure, glycosuria, thinning of the skin, moon face, buffalo bump, central obesity, crinosity, acne, myasthenia and amyotrophy etc. Hormones inhibit the Cataract and glaucoma

Due to the serious and several complications caused by steroid therapy, obviously, those therapies are not the optimal choices for the patients.

Complications of cardiovascular system

A standing usage of hormones can lead to the retention of water and sodium; meanwhile, it would result in the increase of blood fat. A long-standing application of those medications causes not only high blood pressure but also atherosclerosis. Complications of digestive system

The drugs provoke the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin; meanwhile, they are working to restrain the secretion of mucus. Consequently, the immunity of mucus is lowered and then peptic ulcer is triggered or intensified.

Induce or aggravate the infections

Hormonotherapy can suppress the immune system and has no antibiotic action. That explains why the long-term use may contribute to the induction and aggravation of infections. To kidney disease patient, sometimes, the infection can be fatal.

Neuropsychiatric disorders

The medications may result in multiform behavior disorders. Besides, the therapies cause seizure to happen.

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