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Hot Topic ﹠ FAQs on Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant offers the receipient  a chance to live a better and longer life. Knowing the transpalnt info clearly helps improve the outcome. Here are hot topics ﹠ FAQs on kidney transplant for your information.

Will My Kidney Disease Comes Back After kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is just a treatment which offers you a chance to live a normal life. However, the treatment itself cannot make any promise about your future. The outcome totally depends on yourself--your general conditions and your care for the transplanted kidney.

Some kidney diseases result from underlying immune system and if the underlying cause cannot be solved, it may attacks the new kidney. This is why Immunotherapy is applied into kidney disease treatment recently. If you take good management, the new kidney may live as long as you do.

Will Kidney Donation Affect My Life?

With one kidney, a person is able to live a normal and active life. In clinic, one kidney is sufficient to keep a person alive. As long as you recover from kidney transplant, you can live a normal live as you did in the past. But, the condition is good management after the surgery.

How to get a perfect match kidney?

Generally, it has a greater chance to get a perfect match from a living-related siblings than that from the national registry.

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What is the Kidney transplant Risk?

You have the risk of death, but the death rate is less than 1%. Other risks include fever, bleeding, infections, blood clots and Kidney Failure in first one year.

What’s the successful rate of kidney transplant?

In most cases, the transplanted kidney can work successfully right away. But, it is about 1~2% transplant fails immediately and about 1/4 of patients need dialysis as supplementary treatment for 7~30 days after surgery.

If the kidney transplant cannot work, will i die?

The death possibility is very low. If the transplanted kidneys cannot work, doctors will use dialysis to sustain your life. And you need to wait another transplant for better life.

How long will it take to be wait for a kidney on the waiting list?

The average waiting time can range from 3~10 years for a kidney from the deceased donor waiting list. Actually, the waiting time varies, according to different blood types and different transplant centers.

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