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What Causes Muscle Fatigue with Kidney Failure Stage 4

What Causes Muscle Fatigue with Kidney Failure Stage 4Muscle fatigue refers to a condition in which the muscles cannot exert normal force, or when more effort than normal is required to achieve a desired level of force. There are a number of causes for this problem. Here, we would like to analyse why people with Kidney Failure Stage 4 will experience muscle fatigue.


1. Renal anemia

Anemia begins early in kidney disease when the kidneys are working at about 45%, and tends to get worse as the kidneys lose function and produce less erothropoietin (EPO) that helps the body make red blood cells. In case of renal anemia, adequate amount of oxygen doesn't reach the blood cells. Lack of oxygen carring blood cells result in fatigue of muscles.

2. Hyperkalemia

Potassium overdose in the body leads to symptoms including muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle spasms and so on. Reasons for excessive building up of potassium in the body in Kidney Disease Stage 4 including the kidneys' dysfunction to maintain electrolyte balance, Diabetes, adverse effects of certain medicine, etc.

3. Inadequate sleep

We should get at least 7-8 hours of sleeps every day to give our body the time it needs to replenish itself. Without getting adequate sleep, the muscles may not able to fully recover from the day's activities and will fatigue more easily.

4. A poor diet

A lack of certain vitamins and minerals (like calcium) can lead to muscle fatigue. People with Kidney Failure Stage 4 need to follow a balanced diet containing the right amount of essential nutrients. (Refer to: What to Eat with CKD Stage 4)

As it is known that muscle fatigue in Kidney Failure Stage 4 can be a symptom of several reasons, it is advisable not to ignore it; but, get it treated as soon as possible. You can chat with our online doctor for free personalized advice or leave a message in the below. Take care!

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