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Feeling Faint and Nausea in Stage 4 Chronic Renal Failure

Feeling Faint and Nausea in Stage 4 Chronic Renal FailureFaint refers to a feeling when a person unexpectedly loses consciousness for a short period of time. Nausea is a feeling of queasiness and vertigo or the feeling that a person has before vomiting. Stage 4 Chronic Renal Failure is a common cause of these conditions. Our online doctor is available to offer free advice if you'd like to talk directly!

Why do you feel faint with Stage 4 Chronic Renal Failure?

Several different conditions can cause fainting. These include:

• Vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 1) Vitamin B12 aids in the efficiency of the nervous system. Fainting spells may be caused due to loss of nerve functioning when deficient levels of vitamin B12 are present. 2) A deficiency in folic acid can lead to folate-deficiency anemia, which may manifest with fainting. 3) Another cause is due to a deficiency in iron, vitamin D and vitamin C.

• Electrolyte imbalance. When an electrolyte imbalance occurs, the nervous system is affected, causing fainting. This may result from deficiency of sodium, chloride and potassium.

Besides, a person may suffer from a simple fainting spell due to anxiety, fear, pain, intense emotional stress, hunger, or use of alcohol or drugs.

Causes of nausea in Stage 4 Chronic Renal Failure

In CKD Stage 4, most of patients' kidney function has been damaged, so the kidneys fail to function properly, resulting in the build up of wastes such as nitrogen in the blood. At the same time, urease in the interstinal tract will decompose BUN into ammonia. With the increase of blood urea nitrogen level, large amount of ammonia will present, thus stimulating the gastrointestinal tract and causing nausea.

If left untreated, Chronic Renal Failure can be life-threatening. Patients with feeling of faint and nausea should consult their doctors to confirm the exact causes. Then measures can be taken to eliminate the problems. If you want personalized advice, please leave a message in the below. Thanks for your time!

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