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Diabetes with Stage 4 Renal Failure: Constant Metallic Taste in Mouth

Diabetes with Stage 4 Renal Failure: Constant Metallic Taste in Mouth"Hi, doctor, I got constant metallic taste in my mouth. I have Diabetes and Stage 4 Renal Failure for 3 years now. Can you help?" If you are experiencing the same problem just like this, you can read on to find the solution or chat with our free online doctor for advice!

Diabetes is the number one cause of Kidney Disease, responsible for approximately 40% of all kidney failure. In Stage 4 CKD, you have severe decrease in kidney function or GFR (15 to 29 ml/min). With this disorder, you may experience constant metallic taste in mouth due to reasons as below:

1. Medications

Drugs that may cause this side effect include antibiotics, heart and blood pressure medicines (captopril, enalapril, nifedipine, propafenone, amiodarone), Diabetes (metformin), arthritis and osteoporosis medicine, etc. There are many more medicines like mycophenolate, iron supplements, interferon, etc., which can also cause metal like taste.

2. Severely damaged renal function

Having Diabetes and Stage 4 Renal Failure can cause a bad taste in the mouth specifically a metallic taste which is caused by ammonia which your kidneys fail to filter anymore and excrete. Patients may also develop loss of appetite or bad breath.

To get rid of the problem, you can consult your doctor about changes of drugs prescriptions in order to relieve your discomfort. Some simple home remedies are also available such as eat small portion of cinnamon, rinse your mouth with salt solution, brush teeth twice daily and clean tongue, etc.

The most important thing to eliminate constant metallic taste in mouth is to adopt the best treatment for Diabetes and Stage 4 Renal Failure: Natural Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Disease. In case you want to know more about home remedy or medical treatment, feel free to leave a message in the below. We will reply you soon! Have a good day!

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