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Vision Problem and CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease is called “systemic damage”, for it increases risks to various organs and tissues. Vision problme is also a complication of CKD.

If you happen to be a person with CKD, you may pay much attention to the following vision problem which may be assoicated with kidney damage.


Cataracts is a condition in which the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. If you are a diabetic, you have a higher risk to develo cotaracts, which is called “sugar cataracts”. High levels of glucose react with proteins found in the eye and form a byproduct that settles on the lens.


Renitonpathy occurs when the small blood vessels in the eyes become damaged, which is usually related to the high blood pressure and Diabetes. Both high blood pressure and diabetes are two leading causes of CKD.

The retina, which senses light, is a thin layer of blood vessels and nerve endings that cover the back of the eye. When these blood vessles are damaged, they weaken and break, causing eye problem.


Glaucom is a eye condition which affects the optic never at the bak of the eye. When too much pressure builds up in the eye, the optic nerve can become damaged. This causes damages to your eyes. Glaucome is also a eye problem which can be found in patients with CKD.

As CKD patients, especially who also suffers from high blood pressure and Diabetes, are at higher risk to dvelop vision problems. Thereby, it is important to monitor your eye condition and knowing the symptoms of eye problem will be useful to find this condition in the very early stage.

The possible signs of vision problem in CKD patients, include:

- dark spots

- blurry, double or cloudy vision

- touble seeing things out of the corner of your eyes

- floating or flashing lights

- pain or pressure in or or both eyes

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