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Is Ammonia Smell From Chronic Kidney Disease Patient a Concern

Ammonia smell is a complaint for many patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. This article talks about the reason and management for your information.

Ammonia Smell Causes

If you happen to be a patient with chronic kidney disease who suffer from ammonia smell, you may evaluate your blood urea nitrogen level. As for the kidneys cannot function well to remove the waste products from the blood, urea will build up and causing High BUN level which may be a cause for ammonia smell.

In the condition of High BUN Level, the extra urea will be decomposed into ammonia under the effect of urea enzymes in gastrointestinal tract. Ammonia will be discharged through oral cavity to cause ammonia smells in mouth.


Is there any treatment for the ammonia smell for patients with chronic kidney disease? To solve this problem, we had to find the underlying cause. High BUN Level is just a sign, which actually is caused by the damaged kidneys. Thereby, to reverse this trouble, the key is to improve the kidney functions.

To make the achievement, one or more of the following treatments may be suggested by your doctors.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine form which uses various herbs, plants, roots etc to reverse the kidney damage and improve kidney functions.

It helps repair the damaged kidney tissues for it can boost the renal blood circulation and supply the damaged cells with more oxygen and blood to self cure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine

As for the Micro-Chinese Medicine, it is a new form based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an external form which helps herbal ingredients permeate into the kidney lesions directly to repair the failed kidneys.

In addition, it avoids the disadvantages of traditional herbal therapy, such as long treatment duration and bitter taste.


Immunotherapy helps rebuild the immune system. Most Kidney Disease relates to the immune disorder. Immunotherapy will help prevent the relapse of kidney damage.

As long as the chronic kidney damage is reversed, the ammonia odor will disappear spontaneously.

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