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Leg Swelling and CKD Stage3

Leg Swelling, which is also called leg edema, is one of the most common signs see in patient with Chronic Kidney Disease. Unlike other symptoms, such as fatigue, Back Pain etc, leg swelling is more likely to be noticed by patients.

Leg Swelling and CKD Stage 3

Leg swelling is the result of kidney damage. CKD stage 3 is a mild kidney damage in which parts of nephrons are damaged. Each nephron works as a renal filter which helps cleanse the waste products and keep the useful substances in the blood.

However, when some nephrons lose their function, protein and red blood cell loss may occur, causing Proteinuria or Hematuria. Protein is important material which has the natural ability to lock the water and prevent the flowing out of the blood.

However, when kidneys cannot function well, proteinuria will induce the fluids flowing to the tissues, causing water retention, known as swelling.

Swellings, not only occur in legs, but also eyelid, arms, feet, ankles etc, over time.

Swelling Management

A great understanding of your swelling, along with an accurate medical diagnosis and effective treatment, as well as Healthy Living, can help you regain control. It doesn’t matter where the swelling affect. Daily control is vital to living an active and productive life.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

As mentioned above, swelling happens, because of the mild kidney damage. CKD stage 3 is a turning stage which can be reversed to stage 2--a very slight kidney condition and which can develop into stage 4 --an advanced kidney condition.

Herbal medical therapy helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. Many herbs, such as Couch grass, Uva ursi, Java tea, Rehmannia etc. When the damaged nephrons can be repaired, the protein loss will be alleviated and swelling leg will get an relief spontaneously.

Dietary restrictions include reduced intake of:

- salt

- protein

- potassium

If you have interest in herb list and food list for CKD stage 3 and leg swelling, you can email to or Contact Us Directly.

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