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Numbness and Tingling with CKD

Numbness and tingling, which may feel like “pins and needles”. is a symptoms of CKD, which may not occur in each patient. Finding the cause of numbness and tingling helps find the treatment care for personal need.

Causes of Numbness and Tingling with CKD

There are many causes for this symptom in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. This article will mainly talks 3 major ones. However, it may not “the one” for your condition. If you like, you can consult our online service or Leave a Message for us to find your own cause.

Kidney Damage

Kidney diseases result in high levels of metabolites like urea and abnormal levels of electrolytes like calcium, potassium, or sodium. These could give rise to a feeling of tingling and numbness.


If you should visit a neurologist in case you suffer from tingling and numbness. Since the nerves that supply the hands originate in the spine, injury to the nerves at this level could cause numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands.

Kidney disease is a systemic health problem which may affect the nerves. As a results, patients may feel numbness and tingling in their hands or feet. In addition, CKD patients are more often to have neuropathy, similar with those with Diabetes and Infections.

Calcium Problem

For patients with CKD, failed kidneys may cause low calcium levels which relates to Numbness and Tingling.

How can tingling and numbness be treated?

Tingling and numbness can be treated by identifying the underlying cause and eliminating or controlling it. Once you feel numbness and tingling, you are suggested to talk with your Doctor and find the cause firstly. Based on your condition, you can find the proper treatment.

In addition, Healthy Living also helps alleviate the symptoms in some cases you are suggested to take a balanced Diet and avoid smoking and drinking. (love drinking? Cannot quit smoking? Email to  and get the tips from nephrologists now!)

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