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Losing Appetite After Dialysis With CKD

Losing appetite after dialysis with CKD helps identify patients may experience peritonitis, malnutrition and uremia.


Dialysis can cause some specific side effects and peritonitis is a complication of dialysis. Losing appetite and nausea are the initial symptoms of peritonitis. If you also follow with other symptoms, such as abdominal pain after dialysis, please call your doctor as soon as possible.

In this condition, you may be treated with antibiotics and the most effective way to prevent peritonitis is to keep your dialysis equipment clean. You can get the tips of who to clean the dialysis equipment from your health care givers.


Malnutrition is highly prevalent and strongly associated with higher mortality risk in the haemodialysis population. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are advised to follow a specific diet which may contribute to malnutrition. Malnutrition is also a leading cause for appetite loss for dialysis patients.

Thereby, the diet for CKD patients should not only focus on the kidney damage, but also prevent the potential side effects. Leave your detailed medical condition below and get a recommended personal diet.


Some people say that this symptom increases for the frequent dose of dialysis. However, a higher dialysis dose in patients receiving standard hemodialysis was no significantly associated with improvement in appetite. However, this symptom is more likely to be explained with the effect of post-dialysis fatigue on reducing appetite, which is usually seen in uremia.

Also, there are many accidental factors which can contribute to losing appetite in patients with CKD as follows:

- Medications

- Cancer

- Pregnance

- Stress

- Anxiety

- Mood Swings

Have you find your cause for appetite loss? Share you story and we are here to help! Many natural herbs help alleviate this symptoms on dialysis with CKD patients and you can get a herb list, if you have interest, by sharing your message below.

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