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Will High Urine Acid Cause Kidney Damage

Will High Urine Acid Cause Kidney Damage

Q: Can I drink beer with eat sea food? Some people say this will increase urine acid. Well, what is high urine acid and what cause it?

A: As we all know there are Three High which refers to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and hyperlipemia. But there is a Fourth High, high urine acid coming to disturb people’s life. High urine acid is a common condition in daily life, especially in person who likes to drink beer with eat sea food.

So, can beer and sea food increase urine acid, the answer is YES.

What is high urine acid? It is a metabolic disturbance. If you keep a regular diet but check shows the serum urine acid >420umol/L in male, and >357umol/L in female, you are diagnosed as high urine acid.

Will urine acid cause kidney damage?

Normal volume will not, but high urine acid will cause kidney damage.

High urine acid will cause physical damage, which include two part:

One is bone disease, gout. Gout will show as gouty arthritis with the acid crystal deposited in finger and toes and other joints and cause pain.
The other part is kidney damage. If there is too much urine acid deposited in kidneys, tubules will be blocked, and worse condition can be kidney failure with symptoms like sudden decrease of urine, sheering of serum creatinine level. With the development, urine acid will cause severe damage and then, will cause night urine increase, white cell urine, micro albumin urine, slight occult, protein urine. Then, it will damage the glomeruli and cause chronic kidney disease. But it is not for everyone with high urine acid will suffer from gout. There are 10 percent to get gout and male more than female, besides, there are 40 percent of gout patients will suffer from kidney diseases.

Q: What should we do to prevent high urine acid?

A: If we pay enough attention, high urine acid is no so dangerous.

Diet: avoid food with high purine, and keep a low purine, low salt, and low sugar diet. Avoid sea food, wine, animal organs, and soup stocs, reduce meat ingestion within 300g per day.

Water ingestion: Daily water ingestion should be around 2500 – 3000 ml, and fresh fruits and vegetables are suggested to help eliminate urine acid and release kidney damage.

Exercise is also suggested to improve physical conditions. And 30 minutes exercise everyday will help the metabolism of urine acid.

There are many methods, but what makes you success is insist.

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