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CKD Stage 4, Creatinine Level 1.85, Albumin in Urine 3+

Q: I am in CKD stage4. And right now my creatine 1.83, parathyroid 1.71 and my albumin in urine tests shows 3+. Do I need to register for kidney transplant? And My Kidney Disease is caused by IgA nephropathy. Right now I don't have blood report.My doctor has all report. I need to take blood test in June. Every six month I do blood work. I gave the blood report from January /2013.

A: Thanks for your message. You said you were in stage 4, but your serum creatinine is not very high. You don't have to do kidney transplant. Please don't worry. When your kidneys cannot work, especially, when your GFR is less than 15, Dialysis or kidney transplant will be suggested. At this condition, usually your creatinine will be higher than 5 at least.

Besides, IgA Nephropathy is a kind of autoimmune disease. The recurrence rate is about 30% to 60% after Kidney Transplant.

You said you are in stage 4 and your serum creatinine was 1.83mg/dl. In this condition, you should do blood test at least 2 to 3 months. If you are receiving treatment, you should observe the condition every month. Only by regular test can we see whether the treatment is effective and it can guide us with the treatment schedule.

Besides, you said your albumin in urine was 3+. It is too much. You have to control the protein leakage as soon as possible. I think you need a regular treatment and observation on your medical conditions. Otherwise, your disease may progress gradually. If you do kidney function test in June, your serum creatinine will sure be higher.

If the disease cannot control well, it may develop to Kidney Failure and you may need kidney transplant in future. Thereby, I suggest you receive proper treatment early to stop the progressing of the disease and prevent kidney failure. Your serum creatinine is not dangerously high. It is possible to control it within normal range. Why not get nearer to the healthy state, but wait for kidney transplant?

This is just simple and rough analysis, for further help, please share us more about your kidney conditions. Contact Email:

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