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Four Things Increase the Rate of Deficiency of the Kidney

Four Things Increase the Rate of Deficiency of the KidneyKidney is one of the most important organs in body, especially for male. Then, today, we will talk about some habits that can cause deficiency of kidney.

First and most common one: Smoking.

There is a habit in social, smoking, a group of people smoking together to communication, and they also regard smoking as an entertainment. Smoking occasionally will not cause damage to kidney due to the compensation ability. But, heavy smoking will cause damage to kidney.

How could smoking will damage kidney? Is it lung instead? Yes, lung will get damage too. Kidney, the most important organs to eliminate toxins, can help discharge the toxins of cigarettes. And the main toxins is nicotine and tar. Accumulating of these kind of toxins will burden the kidney and increase the risks of catching kidney disease.

Second, drinking beverages instead of water.

Some people, especially male prefer to drink beverages instead of water for a better test. But too much and frequent beverages can also burden the kidney. Besides, most beverage prefer acid which can bother the acid-base balance and hurt the kidney.

Third, stay up late.

With the development of the modern society, more and more people prefer to communicate with friends at night, social at night, shopping at night, working late till mid night. It seems a normal life but disease just visit us quietly and secretly.

Fourth and final one: suppresses the urine.

Usually, we are too busy to go to toilet, then, we prefer to suppresses urine. This habit, with long term, will also result in kidney disease. Urine stay too long in bladder will cause germs increase, then, they can damage the kidney and cause kidney insufficient.

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