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Can Edema Occur in Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease

Edema means there are extra fluids stay in the body. Can Edema occur in stage2 Chronic Kidney Disease? I am afraid the answer is yes. There are mainly two causes who are responsible for edema on CKD patients. One is impaired kidney function and another is a heavy loss of protein in urine.

Impaired Kidney Function

In normal condition, kidneys can help filter the waste products and excessive fluids from the blood. In people with Kidney Failure, the kidney function decline cause the kidneys lose their ability to eliminate the extra water in the body, causing water retention. The more advanced the kidney damage, the greater the problem of salt retention is likely to become.

In this condition, you are suggested to try the treatments which helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. To achieve this goal, Kidney Transplant, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Diet Management may be involved.

However, for patients with CKD stage 2, kidney transplant is too early to consider. You’d better to use natural remedies, as your kidney damage still can be reversed.

A Heavy Loss of Protein in Urine

A heavy loos of protein in urine means the protein leakage is more than 3.0grams per day. The protein helps to maintain blood volume in the blood vessels and when kidneys fail to keep the protein stay in blood. The fluids in blood will flow into the nearby tissues and building up in the body, causing edema in patients with CKD stage2.

In this condition, patients are suggested to choose the treatment which help reduce the loss pf Proteinuria and restrict sal in the diet. The common medicine options may include ARBs and ACE inhibitors. And some natural herbs also help alleviate the proteinuria and ease the edema condition.

In addition, there are some natural herbs which help reduce the swelling directly. The herbs may include gravel root, celery seed, Dandelion leaf, Butcher’s broom, Nettle leaf etc. However, the herbs choice should depend on your own conditions.

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