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CKD and Anuria

Anuria refers to a condition in which it is not able to pass anything more than a very small amount of urine. When Chronic Kidney Disease develops into an advanced stage, anuria usually occurs.

Compared with other symptoms, such as Proteinuria, Hematuria, Edema, anuria is regarded as an serious medical sign.


For people with anuria, they may fell an urge to urinate, but they always fail to do. Over time, patients may also feel additional experiences, such as swollen abdomen, bloody urine or cloudy urine etc.

If anuria lasts long time, it may cause further damages to your body. Urination is important way to remove the waste products and extra fluids. Anuria will contribute the toxins build-up in the blood, causing more damages to kidneys and other organs.


To alleviate or control the symptom of anuria, patients with CKD is suggested to find the underlying cause and make treatment plan based on individual conditions.

- kidney stone is a common symptom for CKD patients, which also can contribute to the anuria. Kidney stones may block the ducts used to conduct urine to the bladder, or the kidneys can go into failure and stop producing urine or produce only limited amounts. If anuria is caused by kidney stones, surgery can be an alternative option. Many imaging tests help find the kidney stones, such as CT scan and MRI etc. Shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy are two common choices. Also, some specif herbs help dissolve the stones and increase the urine output.

- Kidney Damage. Kidney function decline is a more common cause for CKD patients to suffer from anuria. Kidneys work to help the body to urinate. As CKD develops year by year, the renal units will become damaged and not functioned gradually. And it loses its ability to form urine, causing anuria.

In this condition, you are suggested to try the treatments which helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. To achieve this goal, Chinese Herbal Medicine is suggested. As long as the kidney damages can be reversed, the kidneys’ urine formation ability can be recovered. This is the root way to return anuria in CKD patients.

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