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Foamy Urine in Stage 3 CKD

Foamy urine is a common symptoms to show Kidney Damage. In stage 3 CKD, foamy urine is also an “regular friend”. Knowing rich knowledge in foamy urine will help control the medication in Stage 3 CKD.

Foamy Urine and Stage 3 CKD

Foamy urine refers that foams appear in your urine. Actually, it is the protein leakage that cause the foams. Protein is the essential substance for body activity.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped filter biological “machine”. When they function well, they will filter the blood and remove the waste products and keep the useful substances. However, when they are diseased, they will make some useful substance leak out while keep the waste products in blood. Protein loss in urine will cause foamy urine.

This is why foamy urine appears in patients with stage 3 CKD.

Treatment for Foamy Urine in Stage 3 CKD

As for the treatment, it should aims at controlling the protein loss and the root cause--chronic kidney damage.

Typically, medical management involves angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors as the first-line medication for proteinuria. In some instances when ACE inhibitors cannot control proteinuria, the patient is given angiotensin receptor blocker or aldosterone antagonist such as spironolactone to help in protein retention.

As for the Kidney Disease, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested for it helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function naturally. This helps prevent the relapse.

Diet for Foamy Urine in Stage 3 CKD

Other than reducing salt and fat intake, there is no standard kidney disease diet. An Accredited Practising Dietitian experienced in treating kidney disease can help plan your meals, taking into account how you are feeling, your age, lifestyle, weight, muscle size, health status and blood test results. Ask your general practitioner or kidney specialist for a referral to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

A specific diet will help reduce the foamy urine in Chronic Kidney Disease. For a specific diet, please leave a message below.

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