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Alternative Ways to Stop A Kidney Leaking Protein

Alternative Ways to Stop A Kidney Leaking ProteinNormally, a small amount of protein can appear in the urine, because kidneys can make protein stay in the body. If kidneys begin to leak protein, patients should take some alternative ways to stop kidneys from leaking protein.

What does kidney leaking protein mean?

Our kidneys have perfect filtering structure, because of its mechanism barrier and charge barrier. Normally, the combined action of these two barriers can keep protein from leaking out of the body. Mechanism barrier plays its function through the size of filtration pore, while kidney charge barrier prevents protein leakage because it carries negative charge that is same to the charge in protein.

If the amount of protein leakage in 24 hours is more than 150mg, it is more likely to indicate both kidney mechanism barrier and charge barrier are damaged. If left alone, protein leakage will attack kidney filtration pores and worsen kidney condition.

Alternative ways to stop protein leakage

- Steroids: These medications can inhibit inflammatory reactions in kidneys and prevent protein from leaking out of the body.

- Immunosuppressants: When steroids fail to work, doctors may add some immunosuppressants into patients’ medicines. These medicines work through weakening patients’ immune system. Therefore, they may cause a series of problems when these medicines reduce protein leakage.

- Immunotherapy: If patients’ kidney problem is due to immune disorder, immunotherapy is suggested to remove immune complexes, cleanse the blood and repair damaged kidney cells. During the treatment, patients can find their protein leakage is alleviated effectively.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: This therapy focuses on nourishing damaged kidney cells and improving the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells. Once kidneys can filter blood normally, patients don’t need to worry about their protein leakage any more.

Different patients need different therapies. To determine which medicine or therapy is suitable for you, you can contact us online directly.

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