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Kidney Patient Have Lower Stomach Pain and Go Often to Washroom

Kidney Patient Have Lower Stomach Pain and Go Often to Washroom"I am a kidney disease patients. Recently, I have lower back pain and lower stomach pain and often go to washroom. Sometimes, I also find blood in my urine. Why do I have these problems?" Yesterday, one kidney patients consulted this question on our website. The following is our doctor's answer.

Lower back pain, lower stomach pain, frequent urination and blood in urine, all are common symptoms of chronic kidney disease, and different conditions can cause these problems. If patients have these symptoms simultaneously, it is more likely to indicate urinary tract infections, which often appear in severe cases.

The first one is kidney stone. If patients have kidney stone, its movement in urinary tract may scarify the urothelium easily. Then, urinary tract infections occur easily.

The second one is kidney cyst or Polycystic Kidney Disease. When kidney cyst grows to every large, any knock at the kidney area or pressure from surrounding kidney tissues can cause kidney cyst to rupture easily. When sac fluid spreads to other tissues and organs, stomach pain, back pain, frequent urination and blood urine will appear.

The third one is low immune ability. To reduce the burden on kidneys, patients are often required to follow a restricted diet plan, but if patients can't get enough nutrition like protein from their diet, malnutrition can induce low immunity. Besides, heavy protein leakage and use of some medications can also cause low immune ability. Low immune ability gives the chance for bacteria or virus to attack urinary tract. Finally, urinary tract infections occur.

According to the above causes, the key to managing patients' lower back pain, lower stomach pain, going often to washroom and blood in urine is to manage urinary tract infections. Have you found effective treatments to manage them? If not, you can consult our doctor online.

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