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CKD Stage 5, Low Potassium, Renal Osteodystrophy, GFR 14

Q: I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. My info: 42 year old, male, Low Potassium, Renal Osteodystrophy, GFR 14 . I did the test last month and my current creatinine level 11. I attach my medical report to you, please help me.

A: I have checked your reports. On the whole, Your present condition is: high internal toxins, low kidney function, renal fibrosis, malignant hypertension.

From your reports, I have 3 points to say:

- Your low potassium is probably related to two factors: one is the exforge HCT drugs you take. You know, the thiazine drugs have both the diuresis and depressurization function. The other one is your imbalanced internal adjustment. So, I need to know: how much is your total urine volume in 24h?

- For the renal osteodystrophy, it is because the Ca and P metabolic disturbance, the hydroxylation can not occur. If without timely treatment, with the Ca's Ectopic calcification, the Ca deposits on the vessels, then cause the Heart cerebrovascular calcification, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will occur. Besides, in this case, the PTH often shows high. So, how about your PTH level?

- You know, the CKD stage 5 is Renal scarring stage, this stage, the nephrons have decreased seriously, glomerulus necrosis is progressing. So, timely treatment to save your kidney tissues is strongly suggested.

For your present condition, you need a systemic treatment: clear the internal abnormal immune deposits, repair your damaged renal tissues and nephrons, block the renal fibrosis, protect your remaining kidney function from further damage, adjust your poor internal environment.

Besides, control your high blood pressure below 140/90 is a must. You know, the high blood pressure and kidney problem interact. The long-time high blood pressure will worsen the kidney damage. while the kidney damage usually make the blood pressure higher.

Based on your present GFR level 14 ml/min, if it can be increased 3-10%, you have great possibility to avoid the further dialysis. But the treatment opportunity is very important. So, you must receive the treatment as soon as possible to save your kidneys. If you can find a good treatment, I suggest you do the treatment timely.

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