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The Common Kidney Scarring Symptoms

The Common Kidney Scarring SymptomsKidney scarring occurs because of damage to kidney living tissues and cells. Normally, healthy kidneys can eliminate extra fluid, waste products and toxins from the body and keep nutritions from leaking out. However, once kidneys are scarred, some symptoms of kidney scarring appear commonly.

1. Foamy urine or bubbles in urine

When kidney filtering system is damaged, protein will leak from the kidneys into urine. Then, patients will have bubbles in their urine. In turn, excess protein leakage can worsen patients’ illness condition and speed up the progression of kidney disease into kidney failure.

2. Too much fluid retention

As scarred kidneys lose their ability to maintain fluid and sodium balance, too much fluid will collect in the body especially legs, feet, hands ankles, face and around eyelids. Besides, too much fluid retains in the blood vessels that can also trigger high blood pressure.

3. Blood in urine

If patients’ urine present red, tea-colored, brown or coco cola, it means there are red blood cells in the urine. This has a close link with damaged kidney filtering structure and urinary tract infections. In this case, patients need to have more rest in bed and avoid strenuous exercise.

4. Fatigue and weakness

This symptom is usually due to renal anemia and build up of waste products in the body, so patients with kidney scarring should take nutrient diet to meet their body’s need and do exercise regularly.

5. Poor appetite and sleep problem

Both of these two complications can affect patients’ overall health condition. If patients have these symptoms, they may have less energy in their daily life.

If you have kidney scarring and one or more symptoms the above mentioned, you should tell your doctor or doctor online timely. Therefore, they can give you some helpful suggestions to stop the progression of your kidney scarring and manage your symptoms.

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