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Stage 3~4 CKD, GFR 30%, Creatinine 5.1, Bengal

Q: I am worried about my CKD conditions. I am fro Bengal. Doctor said I am the Stage 3~4 and GFR 30%, Creatinine 5.1. What does this mean? Is there chance to reverse this condition? Can I get rid of dialysis? I attach my medical report for you. Please help, thanks a lot.

A: Please do not worry, now your present condition is still in the stage3-4 CKD, and your toxins data and GFR shows your present condition is still in the reversible stage, and your kidneys have great possibility to be saved. We can help you avoid the dialysis, but we need your cooperation, you must do the systemic treatment soon.

You know, not every patient have the treatment opportunity. Many patients can feel normal and they think their condition is stable. However, just because a cold, an infection(respiratory tract infection, the urinary infection, the wound infection) in the daily life, these acute factors can make the kidney disease worsen, some patients can suddenly to the acute kidney failure. If get worsen, the complications occur, they must depend on the dialysis, then it will be very difficult to save the kidneys.

If you delay more and your condition go to the stage 5, your fibrosis will go to more serious degree, you will definitely need the dialysis. So, you need to come here as soon as possible.

Here we have an American female patient, she is 60 years old. She has FSGS then cause the kidney failure and in her local country she do the dialysis 3 times one week, her GFR is 19%, her creatinine level is 5.6 at her country when she do the dialysis. After she come to our hospital, she receive the Chinese medical therapies, including the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothearpy, the medicated bath, the massage etc. After 25 days in our hospital, her creatinine decrease to 3.0, her GFR improve to 35%. Her dialysis times reduce to 2 times one week. Then she take Chinese medicine home for consolidating treatment, four months later, now her creatinine is 1.5 and the GFR is 60%, now she is not on dialysis. She is really happy that in the daily life she can do the washing and do the housework by herself.

So your case is not serious than the American patient, but considering your heart disease, the Diabetes, the high blood pressure, the kidney damage, we suggest you take treatment as soon as possible. The treatment opportunity is very important.

The above is my general introduction for you. If you have any problem, you can ask our online service freely. Or Email to

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