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High Creatine6.77 and Urea117, 4+ Albumin, High Blood Sugar Level

Q: My father is suffering from CKD. He is 65 years old and we recently checked the result of Serum creatine and blood urea on Friday , the result was creatinine 6.77 and blood urea 117. And I attach his medical report to you. Hope you can give him an rough analysis. Besides, I wondered why my father has red points in his skin.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Here is a simple and rought analsysi of your father's conditions.

1 His creatinine and Urea is high, which means that his kidney has got serious damage since 90% toxin and metabolic wastes are discharged from kidney, if these toxin is accumulated in his body, you can imagine his kidney just soaked in the toxin. Therefore, he must try methods which can help him to restore the renal function of discharging.

2 In his blood test, his RBC,PCV, MCV,MCHC are all lowering down. Although it does not show his HB, i believe it must be very low. These show that he suffer from serious anemia, which is one complication of kidney disease. Long time diabetes or hypertension damage the renal function, including its secretion function. Kidney can secrete one substance named Erythropoietin, which can stimulate producing red blood cells. If this is not sufficiently produced, then the patient will have anemia. In case he suffer from serious anemia, he will feel weak and fatigue, then he has to depend on the EPO injection. But it can not replace kidney's secretion.

3 Your father has 4+ in his urine and low protein in his body, which means that he suffers from hypoproteinemia, which is due to large amount of protein leakage. If he got much protein leakage, then he must suffer from the swelling in his body, right? The protein is important for human, if lost too much, his immunity will be very low and easy to be attacted by virus.

You told me that he also has red points in his skin, I believe it is the result of high blood sugar, long time of which will lead to skin problem. In addition, low protein will also bring the dry skin, even suncrack. Does your father suffer from the weight loss? If so, he may develop Diabetes.

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