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Will Kidney Disease Make One Tired and Keep Sleeping

Will Kidney Disease Make One Tired and Keep SleepingP(Patient): I have been suffering from bad sleep for a long time, and I feel tired all the time. Will kidney disease bring me those symptoms?

D(Doctor): There are many factors that cause tiredness and sleep problem. For example, overwork, unhealthy life style, diet habit and bad mood. Besides, kidney disease plays a role in those symptoms.

P: I have Nephrotic Syndrome. Is it linked with tiredness and bad sleep?

D: Almost every kind of kidney diseases, such as Nephrotic Syndrome, Diabetic Nephropathy and Chronic Kidney Disease, can lead to tiredness and sleepiness.

P: Why do those problems happen?

D: Generally, you feel tired and sleepy because of lacking oxygen supply for your muscles and brain. Red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen. Kidneys can produce one kind hormone called EPO(erythropoietin), which is responsible for producing red blood cells. Once your kidneys are damaged, the production of EPO will slow down, usually resulting in anemia, which makes you feel tired very quickly.

P: Got it. Then, how about the sleep?

D: It is due to the effect on the nervous system by kidney disease. High blood pressure can lead to hypoxia of your brain, resulting in the decrease of activity in the nervous system. Then you will always feel sleepy.

P: I see. Thank you sir. Could you tell me how to manage this condition?

D: Sure. You can take actions from two aspects—diet and drugs. On one hand, you should limit sodium, protein, potassium and phosphorus intake, and supplement high-quality protein. This is for the protection of your remaining kidney function. On the other hand, take medicines following your doctors’ advice. By the way, are you given steroids by the pharmacist?

P:Yes, I have used steroids for a long term.

D: Steroids always have side effects, so you always feel tired and sleepy. If your illness condition is better now, you can reduce the dosage gradually so as to relieve the feelings of tiredness and sleepiness.

P: Got it. But how much dosage can I reduce?

D: It depends on your illness condition. The suggestions I have given you are for the general kidney disease patients. You can email to for specific suggestion.

P: Thank you.

D: You’re welcome.

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