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Can Joint Pain Be A Symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease

Can Joint Pain Be A Symptom of Chronic Kidney DiseaseNowdays, many people are afflicted by joint pain. Then, can joint pain be a symptom of chronic kidney disease?

To be honest, many factors can lead to this abnormal sign, and it indeed can be a symptom of CKD. Fortunately, the causes and treatments have been concluded by our experienced nephrologists.

Causes of joint pain in CKD

By discharging metabolic products and preserving useful substances, kidneys can help keep the internal balance of our body. However, in chronic kidney disease, the “filtering units” will not be able to work as normal. In this condition, calcium-phosphate imbalance is more likely to occur. And if poorly controlled, sufferers will be plagued by bone problems including joint pain.

High levels of uric acid level can lead to gout, which can be another cause of this kind of pain. According to the research, the incidence of gout will increase with age.

What are the treatments for joint pain?

1. If it is related to bone disorders, chronic kidney disease patients should pay attention to the supplements of calcium. Generally, foods including dairy products, legumes, dried small shrimps, laminaria japonica are nuts are good choices.

2. If it is associated with high uric acid level, the following tips can be really necessary.

※ Stay away from animal giblets, seafoods. Eat less beans, spinach, mushroom and so on. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk.

※ Quit smoking and drinking, especially beer.

※ Drink more water to stimulate the excretion of uric acid and other toxins.

※ Control the body weight.

3. Make the kidneys work as normal. From the above analysis, we can learn that the occurrence of joint pain has close connection with drop in kidney function. Thereby, both timely and effective treatments are essential. At our Kidney Service China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy strongly recommended.

Joint pain in CKD patients need to be treated early, otherwise, the condition will continue to deteriorate. For detailed information, please leave us a message below.

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