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Headache and Kidney Disease

Headache is a rare symptom for kidney disease patients. When you suffer from headache, please don’t just let it be. It may reflect your kidney disease progression.

What causes the headache in kidney disease?

- waste product accumulation. If the kidneys are not working correctly, the accumulation of waste products can cause headaches. You would usually expereince other symptoms, such as Back Pain, High Creatinine Levels, alongside this though.

- Renal Anemia. Kidneys work to participate in the production of EPO--a necessary material for red blood cell formation. However, when kidney is diseased, the shortness of EPO will cause less production of red blood cells, causing renal anemia. This can cause a specific headache known as “anemic headache”.

- High Blood Pressure. Kidneys can stimulate the production of rein which plays an important role in control blood pressure. When kidneys cannot work well, its ability to balance blood pressure will be declined. Consistent high blood pressure may be a trigger for headache.

It is rare to see a headache that is directly caused by Kidney Disease itself. However, headache is a common side effects for some treatment for kidney disease, such as Steroids Therapy etc.

How to deal with headache in Kidney Disease?

- Find the cause. As mentioned above, headache in kidney disease may be caused by different triggers. Finding the cause is the key to prepare the right treatment. If it is a medicine-related headache, you are suggested to stop the medicines and talk with your doctor as soon as possible.

- Regular walking. The expert advice in the treatment of such headaches is to have a regular walking schedule. Your metabolism needs revision. Such walks done everyday for about 45 minutes will solve your problems related to stress, kidney disease and heart disease.

- Herbal Tea. Some herbal tea helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions, as well as alleviate the symptoms, such as high blood pressure and anemia. And as long as the kidneys can work well, these symptoms will be alleviated and your headache will be controlled well.

Do you experience other symptoms of Kidney Disease? If so, you are suggested to leave a message and share with us. And we are glad to find a herbal tea that is specific for your own condition.

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