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Can Dehydration Cause Kidney Problem

Can Dehydration Cause Kidney ProblemA lot of reasons can provoke kidney problem. If one person suffers from dehydration, uncontrolled dehydration may eventually result in acute kidney failure. How does dehydration cause kidney problem?

Dehydration happens when water loss is more than water intake, and its symptoms and complications range from mild to life-threatening. The following conditions can cause dehydration easily.

- Inadequate water intake

- Too much water is lost

- Too much sweating

- Acute a large amount of bleeding

- The use of diuretic

- Diabetics

- Renal enrichment dysfunction

Besides, many other conditions can also cause dehydration. If sufferers don’t supplement enough fluid timely, dehydration indeed can lead to kidney problems in several conditions.

1. Cell dehydration: It can cause cellular metabolic disturbances, and the fewer metabolic wastes can be discharged out via kidneys, resulting in azotemia easily. Finally, these waste products and toxins can attack various organs as well as kidneys.

2. The amount of sodium loss is greater than the water loss: This cause the decrease of extracellular fluid volume and increase of aldosterone secretion that leads less blood to flow into kidneys. Along with less blood flow in kidneys, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) declines easily.

3. Serious dehydration: It can cause acute damage to kidneys and increase of serum creatinine and BUN levels. If uncontrolled effectively, serious dehydration may even lead to death.

Here, we can know dehydration may be one reason for kidney problem or even kidney failure. In view of this, you should deal with your dehydration timely if you have this problem.

Or course, different causes need different managements. If you still haven’t found effective treatments to treat your dehydration or your kidneys have been involved in dehydration, you can contact our online doctor. According to your conditions, these doctors will give you some suggestions.

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