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Is Frequent Urination In The Night Good Or Bad For Patients With Kidney Disease

Is Frequent Urination In The Night Good Or Bad For Patients With Kidney DiseaseA major function of kidney is to produce urine, so for patients with kidney disease, they can have many abnormal changes in their urine.

A common symptom in patients with kidney disease is frequent urination at night. It is normal for us to have urination in the night, but for patients with kidney disease, they may need to go to toilet several times a night.

Kidney’s work is to produce urine, so it seems that is a good sign that patients have more urine. On the other hand, this symptom appears at night seems to be a bit abnormal. So, is frequent urination at night a good or bad sign for patients with kidney disease?

How is urine produced by kidney?

Our kidney has about one millions nephrons, and nephron consists of kidney tubules and glomeruli.

There will be lots of substances and a large amount of fluid filtrated out by glomeruli, and about 99% filtrated fluid and a lot of nutrients will be absorbed back to blood by kidney tubule. Then, the rest of fluid and metabolic wastes will be excreted out as urine.

Is it good or bad for patients with kidney disease to have frequent urine at night?

In fact, frequent urine at night can be caused by many factors, so it may not be severe condition in many cases. For example, if patient have taken much foods that contain lots of fluid before he is going to sleep, or if patient has drink many cups of water, it is normal for him to have frequent urine at night.

But for patients with kidney disease, it can also be caused by their kidney damage, and that will be a bad sign at this point.

As we have said, kidney tubule can reabsorb most filtrated fluid, and the reabsorbed fluid accounts for 99% of all filtrated. So, when patient’s kidney disease has caused damage in kidney tubule, lots of fluid and nutrients leak out as urine. In fact, patient’s body tissues need fluid to metabolize, so a large amount of fluid will be used in such form, and there is a lot of fluid will be filtrated out as sweat. While, when patient is in the night, these fluid can only be excreted out as urine.

Thereby, if patient finds he has frequent urine at night for a certain period, that will be a bad sign.

Kidney disease is very dangerous for our body health, and if you have any trouble, you can contact us, we will do what we can to help you.

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