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Why Do Face Go Puffy With Kidney Disease

Why Do Face Go Puffy With Kidney Disease  For patients with kidney disease, they often have puffy face, which looks scary, and it is also a terrible feeling for them.

Why does patient with kidney disease have puffy face?

For patients with kidney disease, their puffy face is caused by edema.

There are two major causes for edema in patient with kidney disease. One is the retention of fluid and sodium in patient’s body, and the other is massive protein loss.

Protein is an important substance in keeping our the osmotic pressure of blood, while for patients with kidney disease, they often have severe proteinuria, which means protein loss. And protein loss can reduce the osmotic pressure of blood, so the fluid will flow into patient’s tissue space, which will lead to edema.

On the other hand, when patient’s kidney function reduces to a certain degree, there will be lots of fluid accumulating patient’s body, and that is also a major cause of edema.

How to treat puffy face?

As we know, puffy face is caused by edema, so the most direct way to treat it is to remove the excess fluid in patient’s body.

If patient’s edema is caused by proteinuria, which is caused by increased permeability of glomerular filtration membrane. To treat this type of proteinuria, immunosuppressors like dexamethasone, prednison, etc, are needed. Besides, it is necessary for patient to increase his protein intake appropriately.

For patients whose edema is caused by the reduced kidney function, to treat his edema, his kidney function should be improved, and traditional Chinese medicine is a good choice, because it is good at improving patient’s self-repairing ability. Besides, reducing the sodium intake is also very important in relieving patient’s condition. What’s more, if patient has already been in the end stage of kidney disease, dialysis will be a good choice to remove the excess fluid.

These above are the information about puffy face in patient with kidney disease. In the end, if you have any other troubles in dealing with kidney disease, you ca contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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