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Stage 3 of Kidney Disease Symptoms

In the view of Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), kidney disease are classified into 5 stages. Stage 3 is a middle stage, which means a moderate loss of kidney functions. Patients with stage 3 of kidney disease shows some symptoms and diet management help slow the progress of the disorder.

Anemia. Anemia means the red blood cells count is lower than the normal range. Kidneys work to secrete various hormones and one of them is known as EPO, erythropoietin as its full name. EPO is involved in the production of red blood cells. And when kidneys cannot work well, the decreased EPO cause a lower red blood cells amount, leading to anemia.

Fatigue. Anemia usually is the trigger of fatigue in stage 3 of Kidney Disease. As it is known that oxygen is carried by red blood cells to each organs of the body. And anemia leads to the lower amount of oxygen. And the fewer circulating oxygen will make the cells work harder, leading to the feeling of tiredness.

Swellings. In normal condition, kidneys work to remove the extra fluids in the body. In stage 3 of kidney disease, kidney may lose its ability to control the amount of water in the body. And the sufferer may feel the swollen legs, eyes and face etc.

Back Pain. Different with the pain caused by kidney stones, back pain that appears in CKD always feel as dull ache. It especially happens in the mid-to-lower location of the back. And pain in loin or in flank may also follow.

High blood pressure. When kidneys are diseased, the extra fluids and waste products will build up in the blood, increasing the force of the blood against the blood vessels walls. This is called high blood pressure. High blood pressure itself is a leading cause for kidney damages. Thereby, patients with kidney disease are suggested to monitor blood pressure level regularly. Good news is diet management and exercise helps prevent elevated blood pressure.

Urine changes. As the stage 3 kidney disease develops, changes in urine comes to light. Protein in urine will cause foamy urine and dark or pink urine may indicate the blood cell loss. Some patients may feel urgent urine or frequent urine at night. In addition, the urine amount tends to less than before.

All above is the common symptoms of stage 3 of kidney disease. Additional symptoms are not listed here. If you have interest, you can leave a message below.

All these symptoms cause adverse effects on kidney disease development. Without treatment, they will promote the damage developing into stage 4 or End Stage Renal Disease.

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