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Does Kidney Disease Cause Tiredness

Does Kidney Disease Cause TirednessDoes kidney disease cause tiredness? Many patients with kidney disease may have this curiosity. In fact, tiredness is common in patient with kidney disease.

As we know, kidney is an important organ which is in charge of our internal balance, so kidney disease can cause many problems to our body. what on earth is the relationship between tiredness and kidney disease?

Why does patient with kidney disease often have tiredness?

In fact, tiredness in patient who has kidney disease often caused by anemia.

Kidney has the function of excreting hormones, among which hemopoietin is very important in regulating hemopoiesis. While kidney disease often cause kidney damage, which will cause patient to have the decrease of red cell. Red cell has the function of transporting oxygen to provide the need for body metabolism, which will produce energy for our body activity. So the decrease of hemopoietin will cause the shortage of body energy, which will cause patient to feel fatigue.

While as patient’s disease progresses, there will be much toxins accumulating in patient’s blood, which may inhibit marrow to produce red cell, and that may also damage patient’s red cell, which can aggravate anemia.

Besides, when patient is in the late stage of kidney disease, the accumulation of toxins and wastes in blood can also cause patient to have nerve problem, which can also cause patient to feel fatigue, and this problem is very severe.

How to relieve tiredness in patient with kidney disease?

To relieve patient’s patient’s tiredness, it is necessary to reduce his anemia. And to treat anemia caused by kidney disease, patient will need to supply materials like iron supplements, folic acid, vitamin B, etc. Besides, it is important to reduce the toxins and wastes in patient’s blood, and therapies like Blood Polluted Therapy and Immunotherapy are very useful in dealing with this aspect. On the other hand, to treat this condition fundamentally, it is necessary to improve patient’s kidney function, and therapy like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is effective.

In the end, if you have any trouble in dealing with this aspect, you can just leave us a message about your problem, and we are glad to help you.

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