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Can Kidney Disease Stage 4 Cause Tiredness

Can Kidney Disease Stage 4 Cause TirednessKidney disease is divided into five stages according to patients’ glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and patients with stage 4 kidney disease has a GFR of 15~30ml/min. Can kidney disease stage 4 cause tiredness? Some patients have raise this question, and it is necessary for patients to have a better understanding about this aspect.

What can cause kidney disease patients to have tiredness?

A common reason of tiredness for patients with kidney disease is anemia. For patients with stage 4 kidney disease, they already have severe kidney damage. Kidney can excrete hormones, among which hemopoietin is very important for the excretion of red cells. While the excretion of hemopoietin is also damaged in patients with stage 4 kidney disease, so patients will have the shortage of red cells, which is also known as anemia. On the other hand, as the decrease of GFR, many metabolic wastes will accumulate in patients’ blood, while some toxins can inhibit marrow’s hematopoietic function, which can also lead to anemia.

Besides, severe nerve problem can also cause tiredness in patients with kidney disease, while this often occurs in stage 5 kidney failure, so it is rare to see in stage 4 kidney disease patients .

What can stage 4 kidney disease patients do to releve their tiredness?

While in the treatment, patients may need to inject hemopoietin, chalybeate, folic acid, etc.

On the other hand, a well diet plan is very helpful for patients, which can reduce patients’ kidney burden greatly. Except for supplying the foods that are helpful to relieve anemia, there are some basic aspects that patents should pay attention to: the protein intake should be appropriate, because whether too much or the shortage is harmful to patients. While patients should also be careful in the intake of sodium, calory, calcium, potassium, which are important to their health.

The root of patients’ problem is the kidney damage, so to improve their condition fundamentally, they should do their best to improve their kidney function. Except for the changes in diet plan and life habit, it is a good choice for patients to try traditional Chinese medicine, which is good at improving self-repairing ability to improve their condition.

In the end, if you have any question this aspect, you can contact us, and we must give you a detailed reply timely.

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