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Cause and Treatment for CKD Stage 4, Puffy Face, Swelling Stomach

Q: My common law wife has Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4. And her has puffy face this last days. And she also has swelling stomach now. Dose the kidney disease cause it? Please, tell me how to do.

A: thanks for your message. I will explain the cause and treatment for puffy face and swelling stomach in CKD stage 4 patients.CKD Stage4,puffy face,swelling stomach

What causes puffy face and swelling stomach?

In CKD stage 4, the kidney damages has developed in to an advanced level. In this condition, kidneys has lost much functions and ability to balance the internal environment.

Kidneys are important organ to filter the blood throughout the body. There are many glomeruli, work as “filter machine” to process the blood. And in this process, the extra fluids and wast products get out while the useful minerals, such as protein and blood cells, will be held.

However, in CKD stage 4, many “filter machine” cannot function. This leads to waste build up in body while protein or blood cells leak out. Proteinuria is an outstanding sign. Protein has ability to maintain the water staying in the blood. With the protein loss, the waster flow into the tissues out of the blood. This causes edema.

Your common wife suffered from puffy face and swelling stomach is also explained by this.

How to deal with puffy face and swelling stomach?

As mentioned above, we find the cause of edema is the underlying damaged “filter machine”. To alleviate puffy face and swelling stomach, i suggest:

- Repair the damaged “filter machine”. All of our body cells have the natural ability to self-cure. However, when the damaging speed is over than that of self-cure. More and more tissues will be scarred and dead. Chinese Herbal Medicine finds many herbs that improve self-cure of damaged cells. When it takes effect on kidney tissues, self-cure of damaged “filter machine” will be progressed. You may expect the restoration of damaged glomeruli and the kidney function improvement.

- A diet high in salt can cause bloating and fluid retention. People suffering from edema, or abnormal buildup of fluids, are often prescribed a diuretic medication. Diuretics normalize salt levels by removing salts from your bloodstream. These are then eliminated through the kidneys, with the excess fluids and salts flushed out in your urine. Some herbs can be natural diuretic, which causes less side effects, compared with chemical medications.

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