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Stage 4 CKD And Muscle Weakness

Stage 4 CKD And Muscle WeaknessPatients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often have many symptoms, especially for patients in the late stage of CKD. While to patients with stge 4 CKD, a common symptom is they often have muscle weakness. It is necessary for patients with kidney disease to have a better understanding about this aspect.

Why patients have muscle weakness?

In fact, patients’ muscle weakness is mainly caused by anemia and the shortage of potassium.

As we know, for patients in stage 4 CKD, their kidneys are damaged severely. While kidney has the function of excreting hormones, among which a kind of hormone is hemopoietin, and that can promote the formation of red cells. Red cells can take oxygen to our body tissues to guarantee our body metabolism, which will produce energy to supply our body need. While for patients in stage 4 CKD, their kidney function is damaged severely, so the hemopoietin excretion will be reduced greatly, which will lead to patients have anemia. Then patients will often have muscle weakness. Besides, the toxins that accumulate in blood may damage the hematopoietic function of marrow, which will also cause the reduction of red cells.

Another cause of muscle weakness is the shortage of potassium. As we know, kidney has the function of keeping the balance of mineral, water, and acid-base, while for patients with stge 4 CKD, their severely damaged kidneys will lead to they have these substances’ imbalance. When the potassium concentration in extracellular fluid is low, the neuromuscular excitability will reduce, which will make patients have muscle weakness, and that often appears in the muscles of limbs.

What can be done to improve muscle weakness?

If patients muscle weakness is caused by anemia, patients may need to inject hemopoietin, and cooperate with ferralia, folic acid, etc, in their treatment. While patients should not treat their symptom without their kidney doctor’s help, because if patients take hematinic under no guidance, they are easy to aggravate their kidney damage.

If patients’ weakness is caused by the shortage of potassium, they should supply potassium according to their symptom and condition, which can be achieved by eating foods that contain abundant potassium, like banana, tomato, etc.

As we know, the root of muscle weakness in patients with stage 4 CKD is their kidney damage, so to improve this symptom thoroughly, patients should do their best to improve their kidney function. Right treatment and healthy lifestyle can improve their kidney function greatly.

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