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Kidney shrinkage causes

Kidney shrinkage causesKidney shrinkage is a presentation of kidney lesion, and the shrinkage degree can be little or great. Patients with kidney shrinkage means patients already have severe kidney insufficiency or kidney failure, which are very severe kidney disease. Thereby, patients may be curious about this question: what are the causes of kidney shrinkage?

Causes of kidney shrinkage:

·Congenital renal hypoplasia: if patents find they have kidney shrinkage, they should doubt whether that is caused by congenital renal hypoplasia, which is a major reason of this symptom. This symptom more likely appears in the pregnant woman who have bad life habits or live in toxic circumstance, and their baby may have congenital hypoplasia in their body function.

·Chronic kidney disease: when patients with chronic kidney are in the end stage of renal disease, if they have CT test or ultrasound test, they may find their kidneys have obvious shrinkage. In this condition, patients’ kidney shrinkage is due to their damaged kidney parenchyma. There are more than one million nephrons in kidney, while to patients with end stage renal disease, most of their nephrons have been damaged and lost their function. Because of not being used for a long time, the damaged nephrons will shrink gradually.

How to deal with kidney shrinkage?

Fo the kidney shrinkage of congenital renal hypoplasia, there is nothing can be done but prevention. People should pay attention to their life habits and circumstance, and make themselves have good and healthy lifestyle, especially the women who are pregnant.

For patients whose kidney shrinkage is caused by chronic kidney disease, if their kidney shrinkage is mild, they should do their best to improve their kidney function and slow down their disease’s progression. Chinese herbal medicine is good at improve patients’ overall health and promote patients’ self-repairing ability, and the creation of micro chinese medicine osmotherapy is a great help to treat kidney disease. Besides, patients should be careful in their life, they should make themselves have good habits, like doing appropriate amount of exercise regularly, keeping good emotion, etc.

For patients with severe kidney shrinkage, hey may need to accept dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their lifetime.

In the end, if you have any other questions about kidney shrinkage, you can consult our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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