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Joint Bone Pain In Patients With Kidney Disease

Joint Bone Pain In Patients With Kidney DiseaseA common symptom in patients with kidney disease is joint pain. Patients may have pain in their knees, shoulder joint, or even in the joints of their limbs, which can affect patients’ life quality and emotion greatly. Thereby, why patients have joint pain, and how can this symptom be relieved?

Causes of joint pain in patients with kidney disease:

High level of uric acid: a common cause of joint pain in patients with kidney disease is the high level of uric acid. Uric acid is the byproduct of purine, and it will be filtered out by urine. For patients with kidney disease, when their kidneys are damaged by their disease, much uric acid which should be excreted out will accumulate in patients’ body. The accumulated uric acid will form crystal, and when the crystal deposits in patients’ joints, it can cause inflammation in this part, which will cause patients feel painful.

Renal osteopathy: renal osteopathy is another common symptom in patients with kidney disease, which is mainly caused by the shortage of calcium. The total amount of phosphorus and calcium in our body are in an stable range. If one’s amount rise, the other’s amount will reduce. While patients with kidney disease are easy to have the condition of calcium shortage, which will cause patients to have renal osteopathy. That may also make patients have joint pain.

Medicine’s side effects: patients with kidney disease often use many hormone medicines, and long term’s hormone medicine use can cause patients to have osteoporosis, and patients may also have joint pain in this time.

How to relieve this symptom?

The root of joint pain is patients’ kidney disease. Thereby, to change this condition thoroughly, patients should improve their kidney function. While traditional chinese medicine is good at improve patients’ overall health, and it can also promote patients’ self-repairing ability, which is beneficial to improve patients’ kidney function.

On the other hand, patients’ joint pain should also be treated, and western medicine is good at this aspect. Besides, this symptom is often have relations with the shortage of calcium, so patients should remember to supply appropriate amount of calcium in their diet, and reduce the phosphorus intake.

In the end, if you have any question on kidney disease patients’ joint pain, or any other problems on kidney disease, you can contact us, and we are glad to help you.

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