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How To Eliminate Protein In Urine

How To Eliminate Protein In Urine

Many kidney diseases can cause patients to have protein in their urine. Proteinuria is not only a symptom to patients with kidney disease, but it will also aggravate patients’ condition if right measures are not taken. As a result, many patients many want to know: how to eliminate protein in urea?

Why patients with kidney disease have proteinuria?

To know how to eliminate protein in urea, we should know why it appears first.

Glomeruli have the function of filtering harmful substances, and it can stop the useful substances leaking out. Thereby, the useful substances like proteins, minerals and vitamins will be kept in the blood. In addition, kidney tubules have the function of reabsorption, so when there are some substances like small proteins or minerals leaking out, kidney tubules can reabsorb them back to blood.

To patients with kidney diseases, their kidney structure may have been damaged. When the amount of leaked protein is more than the amount being reabsorbed, patients will have proteinuria. The proteinuria caused by different kidney diseases will have different amounts, and it will also be different when a patient is in different stages of his kidney disease.

How to eliminate protein in urine?

To eliminate proteinuria, first of all, patients should reduce the protein intake, and this method is effective. Protein can produce lots of metabolic wastes, and these wastes will be excreted out by kidneys. Thereby, too much protein will increase the burden of kidneys, and it will aggravate patient’s condition if he has kidney damage. While the shortage of protein will also harm body health, so the protein intake should be appropriate. 0.8g/kg is recommended, which is also suitable for healthy people. In addition, patients should change their life habits, and well life habits can improve patients’ condition greatly.

On the other hand, the root of proteinuria is patients’ kidney disease. So if patients want to solve this problem permanently, they should control their kidney disease. To patients in early stage of kidney disease, it is absolutely possible to stop their disease’s progression, which achieve the goal of eliminating the protein in urea. To patients in late stage, this condition can also be improved greatly.

However, it may be impossible to eliminate the protein in urine completely in many cases. But as long as patients take right measures to treat their disease, their protein in blood will be reduced effectively.

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