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What Are The Symptoms Of Stage 4 CKD

What Are The Symptoms Of Stage 4 CKDAs we know, the glomerular filtration rate of patients at stage 4 CKD is 15~30ml/min, which means they already have very severe damages in their kidneys, so it is normal that they will have many obvious symptoms. Because knowing well about their conditions is good for patients with CKD to cope with their diseases, it is necessary for them to learn what symptoms they may have.

·Edema: Most patients may have severe edema at this stage. Patients may have obvious edema in their lower limbs, around their eyes. Besides, some patients may feel hard to breath, because there is edema in their lungs. The edema is caused by two major reasons. One is the retention of sodium and fluid in patients’ body, and the other is the great loss of protein from their blood.

·Fatigue: Fatigue is another system that patients at stage 4 CKD often have. This is manly caused by anemia. As we know, great amount of protein will leak into patients’ urine, among which there are lots of red cells. The shortage of red cells will cause the shortage of oxygens that should be provided to body cells’ metabolism, and then patients will feel tired.

·Nausea and vomit: Patients at stage 4 often have nausea and vomit, and that is caused by the accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxic substances. Kidneys have the function of filtering out the harmful substances from blood, but damaged kidney can not di it normally. when these substances stimulate patients’ gastrointestinal system, patients may have nausea and vomit.

·Urine changes: Patients at this stage often have many symptoms in their urine. They may find their urine have foam, which is caused by proteinuria. Besides, patients may also have colored urine, and the color of their urine can be red, tea colored, brown, and so on, and that means many substances that should be kept in the blood leaking into the urine.

In addition, patients at this stage may also have many other symptoms, like loss of appetite, kidney pain, sleep problems and nervous problems. Besides, patients may also have cardiovascular diseases and bone diseases.

To improve their condition, patients at stage 4 CKD should follow their doctors’ arrangement. But as we know, their conditions are very serious at this stage, so they may need dialysis and kidney transplant before long.

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