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Why CKD Patients Have Blood Urine

Why CKD Patients Have Blood Urine

When CKD progress into late stage, many symptoms will appear. For example, there will be many changes in patients’ urine at this time, and one of them is the color of patients’ urine may be red. In fact, that is because there is blood in the urine. So we may have the curiosity: why patients have blood urine?

Kidney has the functions of filtration and reabsorption. The filtration refers to that kidney can excrete the harmful substances from the blood and reserve the useful substances, and this is completed by glomeruli. The reabsorption refers to that kidney can reabsorb the excess fluid and nutrients that are filtered by its filtration function, and this is completed by kidney tubules.

As we know, patients in late stage of CKD have severe damaged kidneys. If the damages appear in the glomeruli, the filtration function will be damaged, and there will be lots of substances that should be kept in the blood leaking into the urine. If the damages appears in the kidney tubules, the reabsorption function will be damaged, and many substances that should be absorbed back to the blood will also flow out through urine. Thereby, whether the glomeruli are damaged or the kidney tubules are damaged, there will be lots of useful substances flow into the urine. This symptom will be more serious if the damages occur in the glomeruli, which is also the main cause of blood urine in patients with CKD. What’s more, in this process, there are lots of red cells being leaked into urine, so the urine will look red, and this is why patients with CKD have blood urine.

To relieve this symptom, patients can take appropriate amount of protein, which will supply its loss, but avoid too much at the same time. What’s more, the root of this symptom is the damages in the kidney, so the improvement of kidney function is the key to solve this problem. Patients need to cooperate their doctor’s arrangement positively.

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