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The Complications Of Chronic Kidney Disease

the complications of chronic kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has the characteristic that it progresses slowly, and its treatment also need a long time. As we know, kidney is an important organ of body, and damaged kidney will cause a series of complications. Here is the introduction of some major complications of CKD.


Anemia may be the most common complication of CKD patients. One major reason is damaged kidneys lose the ability to excrete erythropoietin normally, which can lead to the decrease of red cells directly. Another major reason is the toxic substances build up in the blood, which can damage red cells, and about 25% patients will have bleeding in the terminal stage of CKD.


Almost all patients with CKD will have proteinuria, and long-time proteinuria can cause the massive loss of proteins, and immune globulin is among them. In the treatment, adrenocortical hormone and cytotoxic drugs are often used, and these medicines can also reduce body’s immunity. As a result, patients are easy to be infected, such as skin infection, respiratory tract infection, urinary system infection, and so on.


The occurrence rate of hypertension in patients with CKD is 70%~80%, and almost all patients who need kidney transplant have hypertension. CKD patients often have the retention of sodium and fluid, and this is a cause of hypertension. Besides, the damaged kidney will excrete more renin and less amount of prostaglandin and kinin. These changes can also cause blood pressure’s rise.

Acute renal failure

Patients with CKD often have proteinuria, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia, and these make the blood have high concentration, but its volume is less. When patients have vomiting, diarrhea or when they take hypertension medicines and diuretic, the blood flow will reduce suddenly, and this can also cause the glomerular filtration rate reducing, which may lead to acute renal failure.

Complications of CKD are dangerous and harmful to patients. In fact, these complications can be avoided if treatments are taken in time, and they can also be controlled even they have appeared. Patients should have a positive attitude towards them, but treat them seriously at the same time.

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