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Stage 3 CKD Creatinine 4.5: Deal with Swollen Ankles& Stomach Pains

Stage 3 CKD Creatinine 4.5: Deal with Swollen Ankles& Stomach Pains"I am a Stage 3 CKD patient with creatinine 4.5. I also suffered from swollen ankles and stomach pains. Can you help me for recovery?" After getting this message, we offer suggestions in details as below. Hope it is useful for people with similar cases. Or, you can chat with our online doctor for more free advice!

Creatinine level is a reliable indicator of kidney function. Creatinine 4.5 is much higher than normal level (about 0.5-1.2), and this indicates quite severe kidney dysfunction. Stage 3 CKD patients with this condition need to undergo Dialysis soon if no effective treatment is adopted. Here, we recommend patients to get prompt and systematic therapy like Immunotherapy. With timely treatment, Immunotherapy can help normalize high creatinine 4.5 and reverse Stage 3 CKD. For more information, please Email us at

How to deal with swollen ankles and stomach pains in Stage 3 CKD?

a. Ankles swelling can be caused due to buildup of fluids in them. This condition is known as edema. It may appear later in the day that will start increasing as the day progresses. Dealing with this condition may include steps as below:

1) Eat a low salt diet and lessen water retention; 2) Take regular walks to prevent fluid accumulation around the feet and ankles; 3) Keep legs elevated above the level of the body when sleeping, or even sitting; 4) Take diuretics prescribed by the doctor.

b. Stomach pains is one of the most troublesome pain experienced by Stage 3 CKD patients. Visit your doctor and do tests to confirm the exact causes. Then take medical treatment to relieve the pain. In addition, natural remedies in the following may also be helpful:

▪ A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar should be mixed with a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey.

▪ Place a heat pad or a hot water bottle on the aching stomach region to help relieve the pain.

▪ Massaging the area of pain with proper oil is a useful remedy.

▪ Bite a piece of ginger and chew on it. The juice is the most effective herbal remedy for stomach pains.

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