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Hypertension & Diabetes Increases CKD stage 3 Risk to Chronic Renal Failure

One of the leading factor to influence the final result of CKD is the complications, other than Kidney Damage itself. And the high blood pressure and diabetes are the most advanced factor to push forward the progression of kidney damage. It was reported that the GFR decreases <4ml/(min·year) for patients with only CKD. However, the decreased rate of GFR increases to 8~12ml/(min·year) for people with both kidney damage and hypertension or Diabetes.

CKD Stage 3 and Hypertension & Diabetes

CKD stage 3 is the turning stage of Kidney Disease, which can be reversed into the stage 2 or stage 1 that offers patients a chance to live a normal life, on the condition that patients can receive right treatment in time. However, if stage 3 CKD cannot be controlled well, it may develop into the advanced CKD stage 4 or 5, which will lead to Kidney Failure and cause permanent kidney damage finally.

Hypertension and diabetes are the most important factors which cause the CKD stage 3 out of control. Thereby, patients with CKD stage 3 are extremely suggested to maintain the target blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

What is the target level of my blood pressure and blood sugar with CKD stage 3?

- Keep blood pressure below 130/80 mm/hg (Get the Herbs List to Lower High Blood Pressure from TCM Professor by Email:

- Keep Fasting blood-glucose below 90-130mg/dl; (HbA1C)<7%

How to maintain the target blood pressure and blood sugar level?

Experts recommend some ways to control the blood pressrure and sugar level in CKD stage 3 patients.

- control blood pressure: Both ACEI and ARB are benefitial to lower blood pressure, which also help alleviate the Proteinuria in patients. Also, certain herbsl help control the blood pressure naturally.

- control diabetes: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy shows a great effect in revive the damaged pancreas and improve kidney functions at the same time.

In addition, you are suggested to live a healthy life which also can help manage a better kidney condition.

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