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Herbal Tea for Medullary Sponge Kidney

Herbal Tea for Medullary Sponge KidneyMedullary Sponge Kidney is a birth defect kidney disease in which the tubules-tiny tube lies inside the kidneys. Is there herbal tea for medullary sponge kidney? Sure, some herbal tea helps alleviate the symptoms of meduallary sponge kidney and delay the progression of the kidney function decline.

Here are some suggested herbal tea for medually sponge kidney for your consideration.

Green Tea

Green tea have been consumed for thousands of years. It is suggested for patients with MSK, because of its rich content of polyphenols--plant antioxidants--which inhibits possible kidney stones. Kidney stone is the common complication of MSK. Also, green tea helps patients with MSK prevent the prostate, liver, or colon cancer etc.

In addition, green tea helps reduce the risk of develing heart problems in patients with MSK.

Horsetail Tea

The tall grassy shoots of the horsetail plant make an herbal tea that has a reputation of soothing kidney disorders, according to the PDR. Horsetail may flush bacterial infections from the urinary tract and prevent kidney stones, but clinical studies verifying these benefits are lacking.

Java Tea

Java tea is very popular in Asia and Austrilia, which contains flavones, glycoside, volatile oil etc. It is suggeted as a remedy for kidney ailments by French, Dutch, Swiss and Indonesian etc. It shows effects in treating Kidney Stones, Kidney Function Decline and kidney infections. It also helps alleviate the swellings.

Milk Thistle Tea

Milk thistle tea is suggested for it is reported that it helps prevent the kidney stone formations and helps alleivate the other symptoms of MSK, such as Back Pain, Swellings etc.

Rehmannia Tea

Rehmannia is common to see in herbal formal for damaged kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is suggested, because it contains physosterols and antioxidants, along with iridoid glycosides. It helps treats many symptoms in patients with MSK, such as respiratory disease, renal bone diseases, and hair loss etc.

These herbs teas are the most common choices for general medical conditions of MSK. However, the herbs tea choices should differ from person to person due to the individual conditions. You are suggested to find your personal herbal tea list. If you have interest about this topic, you can email to or leave a message below.

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