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CKD Stage 3 Diet Plan--Protein Intake

In CKD stage 3, the kidneys still have existed function to remove the waste products. However, due to the mild kidney function decline, the some waste products will build up in the body. Thereby, it is important for patients with CKD Stage 3 to take a personal diet plan.

However, there is no diet which fits to everyone, because a diet plan should be based on the existing kidney functions, symptoms, overall health condition etc. Thereby, patients are suggested to talk with their doctors or email their medical report to for a free reply.

Patients with CKD stage 3 are suggested to take a diet which is satisfied the following guidelines:

- Get the target Protein intake amount based on your CKD stage and own weight. Generally speaking, the patients with CKD stage3~5 is suggested to take protein: 0.6g/KG/day. For example, if your weight is 65kg, the target protein amount should be 0.6X65=39g per day.

How to arrange the protein in your diet?

Here is an example for your consideration.

Breakfast: 1 piece of bread(4g) + half egg(3.5g)

Lunch: 1 piece of rice(4g)+75g meat (10.5g)+ 500g vegetables

Snack: 1 fruit

Supper:  1 piece of rice(4g)+75g meat (10.5g)+ 500g vegetables

Before bedtime: 1 fruit

Actually, you have more choices. You can leave a message in the below massage board to get the diet lists of CKD stage3 and make your kitchen more attractive!

How to make a smart decision about protein diet for CKD stage3?

Patients with CKD stage 3, are suggested to limit the plant protein, such as rice, flower, corn, cornmeal, bean etc. In contrary, high-quality protein is suggested, such as milk, egg, fish, poultry, lean meat etc.

They are suggested to choose foods rich in starch as staple food. Good resources include Taro, sweet potato, lotus root etc. For any help, please talk with our online service directly.
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