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Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Anemia: Can I Have Red Dates

Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Anemia: Can I Have Red DatesAnemia is described as an unusually lower quantity of red blood cells within the circulating blood. It often affects sufferers along with Stage 4 Kidney Failure. For those patients, is it ok to have red dates?

Red dates are rich in potassium content. For people with Stage 4 Kidney Failure and anemia, their kidneys are severely damaged so they are unable to remove enough potassium to maintain normal blood levels. If the potassium becomes too high, it can result in an irregular heartbeat or a heart attack. There, high potassium foods like red dates should be limited (the daily restriction can be of 2,000-3,000mg a day).

Besides, other foods rich in potassium to limit or avoid include:

Fruits Vegetables Other foods
citrus fruits, orange, grapefruit
orange and grapefruit juice
dried peas and beans: black, refried,baked,pinto,legumes,and lentils chocolate,molasses
and pomegranate juice
potatoes,parsnips,beets,cooked carrots,pumpkin,hubbard or acorn squash milk,yogurt,bran and bran products
bananas Chinese cabbage,bamboo shoots,canned mushrooms nuts and seeds
dates,apricots, raisins;
figs,prunes and prune juice
all greens except kale,cooked spinash,brussel sprouts,cooked broccoli salt substitutes,salt free broth
honeydew,cantaloupe tomatoes,tomato based products, and all vegetable juices chewing tocacco,snuff

The dietary arrangements varies from case to case. If you have Stage 4 Kidney Failure and anemia, feel free to chat with our online doctor for a personalized diet and treatment plan. Or you can email us at Good luck!

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